• Edificio anexo

    Edificio anexo al Ayuntamiento

  • Ayuntamiento de Murcia

    Ayuntamiento de Murcia

  • Policia local de Murcia

    Policia local de Murcia

  • Parque de Bomberos de Murcia

    Parque de Bomberos de Murcia

We also provide two Pisces (Romney, Perry), an Aries (Huntsman), http://electionnews.site/ (Santorum) and a Leo (Paul) in contention. I'ven't researched their charts. Offhand we'd say one of many Pisces guys has an excellent possibility if he utilizes the positive power and charisma of Neptune in Pisces. In the long run that knows what will take place? There have been completely changes in the line-up. Possibly Obama will surprise us, restore popular help and manage to keep their chair! Keep that Mars and Pluto conjunction in your mind nonetheless. Radical change continues to be clearly in the agenda.

Exactly how on earth is that Eric Cantor cares about Joseph Kelly's kids within the District of Columbia an answer to David Gregory's question on how some of the central philosophy in the Republican Party have actually harmed it because of the electorate?

At one point Clinton must loan 5 million bucks of her own cash to her campaign committee to cover its workforce because they were low on funds. The Clinton's are low on campaign contributions? It is the right time to distribute for a few Chinese!

McCain will carry on to appear in Mesilla, at the plaza. That event will begin at 3:30 and tickets are expected for that. You can get those tickets at McCain head office at no cost.

Disney's classic film "The Aristocats" was launched on DVD. That is an enjoyable film for kiddies and may not be confused with Gilbert Gottfried's film documentary "The Aristocrats" without exceptions.

What does "working moms and dads that having trouble getting through month right now" have to do aided by the proven fact that the majority of Us citizens rejected the Republican celebration's main maxims, according to the exit polls from the November presidential election?

Friday: Yet another new effort, this one engineered by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Within initiative, Paulson put together $800 billion in a newly developed organization and $400 billion more within FDIC. The funds may be accustomed accept the bad/risky assets off troubled stability sheets and power up the money areas.
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Viernes, 08 Mayo 2015

El proyecto de SMARTSPACES en Murcia ha sido elegido por el jurado de Energy...
Miércoles, 12 Noviembre 2014

El último entregable del Proyecto SmartSpaces a la Comisión Europea, antes de...